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AUTOSAR-Compliant Development of a Drive Select Function with Model-Based Design

Axel Grobe, IAV GmbH
Abdulvahap User, IAV GmbH
Matthias Faustmann, Volkswagen AG

The use of Model-Based Design for developing AUTOSAR-compliant electronic control units (ECUs) at Volkswagen began more than five years ago. At the MathWorks Automotive Conference 2007, Volkswagen presented a proof-of-concept project “KSG on AUTOSAR.” That presentation illustrated the integration of AUTOSAR-compliant software components into a body electronics ECU of a series production vehicle. Now AUTOSAR is on the road, and Volkswagen and IAV use Model-Based Design with Embedded Coder™ for production.

This presentation covers our experiences with function development and integration of a Drive Select application into a gateway ECU of the Volkswagen MQB platform.

Product Focus

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Recorded: 17 Apr 2012