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Computer Vision and Video Processing Using MATLAB

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Typical applications for computer vision and video processing have widely varying real-world conditions that make it difficult to design robust algorithms. These situations require a comprehensive technical computing environment for data analysis, visualization, algorithm development, and deployment. Using MATLAB and related tools, you can:

• Import and export images and video
• Acquire images and video from industry-standard imaging hardware
• Detect and track objects of interest
• Register image and video data to a real world scene
• Inspect intermediate video data within an algorithm
• Test algorithms under a wide range of conditions

Join us at this webinar to learn about new algorithms and tools for computer vision and video processing in Video and Image Processing Blockset. We will demonstrate key features through real-world examples including:

• Monitoring traffic by detecting cars using optical flow
• Reconstructing a 3D scene from a pair of stereo images

Presenter: Alan Hwang

Presenter Bio:
Alan is the technical marketing specialist for image and video processing at The MathWorks.

Product Focus

  • Computer Vision System Toolbox

Recorded: 16 Mar 2010