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Control System Tuning in Simulink Made Easy

Pascal Gahinet, MathWorks

Over the past several years MathWorks made tuning of PID controllers easy with automatic PID tuner.  But what about more complex, multivariable control systems that have multiple coupled loops with several PID controllers and other tunable elements such as gains and low-order filters?

By attending this webinar you will learn about new powerful capabilities for quick, automatic tuning of such complex control systems modeled in Simulink. You will learn how to use these capabilities to simultaneously tune all controller parameters without changing the controller architecture. Through product demonstrations, MathWorks engineers will show how to apply these capabilities to control tuning problems in various industries, and how to avoid such tedious and time-consuming methods of tuning multi-loop decentralized control systems as successive loop closure.  

About the Presenter: 
Pascal Gahinet is the senior scientist in the Controls and Identification product group at MathWorks.

Product Focus

  • Control System Toolbox
  • Robust Control Toolbox
  • Simulink Control Design

Recorded: 4 Dec 2014