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Data Acquisition with MATLAB

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Eric Wetjen, MathWorks

In this webinar we provide an overview of the data acquisition products which enable you to directly access data from many external sources. Engineers and scientists need to communicate with external data sources directly from the MATLAB environment in order to analyze and visualize live or archived data.

MATLAB provides tools to connect to external devices such as plug-in data acquisition hardware, video capture devices, CAN interface devices, and standalone instruments like oscilloscopes, signal generators and signal analyzers. In addition, MATLAB provides tools to connect with databases and data servers.

Learn how data acquisition products enable you to:

• Control and acquire data directly from instruments and test equipment
• Control and acquire data directly from data acquisition boards and webcams
• Exchange data with ODBC compliant databases
• Access data from OPC Servers
• Access data from financial servers

About the Presenter: Eric Wetjen is the Product Marketing Manager for MathWorks Test and Measurement products.

Product Focus

  • Data Acquisition Toolbox
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox
  • Instrument Control Toolbox
  • OPC Toolbox
  • Vehicle Network Toolbox

Recorded: 10 Jul 2012