Design and Verify Signal Processing and Communications Systems, Part 3: DSP Early Software Verification

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Arvind Ananthan, MathWorks

This webinar is the third of a three-part series that demonstrates how you can reduce verification time by eliminating design flaws earlier in your development process.

In this webinar we will introduce the following MathWorks DSP verification products: Embedded IDE Link™ CC (for TI’s Code Composer Studio™) and Embedded IDE Link™ VS (for Analog Devices™ VisualDSP++®).

Learn how these products enable engineers to:

• Develop algorithms in MATLAB and Simulink and rapidly prototype them on Texas Instruments and Analog Devices processors through code generation
• Script verification tasks in MATLAB such as setting breakpoints in the code or accessing and changing DSP memory.
• Perform processor-in-the-loop simulation with a Simulink test bench both feeding stimulus to the algorithm running on the processor and displaying/analyzing the results back in the Simulink environment
• Profile the application running on target processor to identify

Product Focus

  • Embedded Coder

Recorded: 23 Jun 2009