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Design of a Real-Time Audible Noise Modeling Platform Using Simulink

Marko Antila, VTT

This presentation outlines how VTT developed audible models that evaluate machinery sound. The models operate in real time and make it possible to vary a large number of parameters related to product noise. VTT builds these models using the Audible Model Platform (AMP), which was designed with Simulink®. The AMP is a parameter-based, real-time sound and noise generation platform that uses advanced frame-based and multirate processing to achieve real-time operation. It is based not on the structural or mechanical physics of noise-generating equipment, but on the parameters of the noise. The noise model may include parameters such as angular velocity (RPM), engine load, listening position, and other relevant factors. The AMP is currently used for cabin noise modeling, as well as for fixed engine applications and outdoor noise applications, most recently for noise modeling of wind turbines. In addition to standalone operation, the AMP has been combined with virtual reality (VR) tools to create a complete virtual environment (VE) experience.

Product Focus

  • Simulink
  • Computer Vision System Toolbox
  • Communications System Toolbox

Recorded: 22 May 2014