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Designing Complex Driver Assistance Logic with MATLAB and Simulink

Reza Sahba, Magna Electronics

Modern driver assistance systems implement the comprehension and judgment capabilities of a driver to interpret the events and observations on the road. This introduces a new form of complexity in the software to model the cognitive capabilities of a human. Traffic Sign Recognition and Display is an example of such a system. Observing the current traffic sign and vehicle maneuvers, retrieving the memory of what has been observed in the past, and considering the regional road and traffic rules all affect the logic behind selecting the valid traffic signs to display. This presentation outlines the creation of a configurable and reusable mathematical model in MATLAB and Simulink for logical interpretation of traffic signs and vehicle maneuvers. The benefits of using MATLAB and Simulink in the verification of this model are also discussed.

Product Focus

  • Simulink

Recorded: 9 May 2013