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Discovering FPGA Advantages with MATLAB and Simulink

Shyam Yadati, MathWorks

Learn how you can use MathWorks tools in the classroom to teach about FPGAs. In this webinar, MathWorks signal processing and chip design experts showcase the workflows available for targeting FPGAs using MATLAB and Simulink.

Topics include:

  • The value of FPGAs
  • FPGA applications
  • Development and teaching challenges
  • MathWorks product capabilities

About the Presenter: Shyam Yadati focuses on the use of HDL and Model-Based Design in the development of FPGA-based systems. Prior to joining MathWorks in November 2007, he held the position of senior electrical engineer with BAE Systems, where he developed FPGA-based systems for signal intelligence, optical, wireless, and other signal processing applications. Shyam earned bachelor of engineering and master of engineering management degrees at Dartmouth College. While at Dartmouth, he focused on hardware and software development for embedded systems and cofounded Mobius Audio, where he was lead of product development.

Product Focus

  • HDL Coder
  • Simulink
  • DSP System Toolbox
  • Fixed-Point Designer

Recorded: 11 May 2010