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Efficient Validation and Verification of SDA Models via On-Target Bypass with ETAS EHOOKS

This session presents our experience using on-target bypass to efficiently validate and verify Simulink based System Design Automation (SDA) models. On-target bypass using Simulink models allows validation and verification of a new control strategy directly within the production ECU software. On-target bypass has previously not been feasible because it was difficult to integrate code for a new Simulink model directly into the production ECU software without the support of the ECU software team. The EHOOKS tool from ETAS now makes on-target bypass feasible by automatically building an updated ECU software version that includes the new Simulink model integrated in a defined and controllable manner.

On-target bypass, in combination with SDA supporting the powertrain architecture, offers an easy and powerful way to execute, test, and precalibrate the model-based functions directly on the ECU.

Product Focus

  • Simulink

Recorded: 17 Apr 2012