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Experiences of Introducing Model-Based Design at Danfoss Solar Inverters

Jens Godbersen, MathWorks

When Danfoss Solar Inverters prepared to start a new product development project, they realized that they needed to establish a process to support embedded software development. Due to the benefits of linking the specification, design, test, and target implementation phases closer together, Model-Based Design was chosen. Because many of the members of the start up design team were new, Model-Based Design was introduced through an evolutionary change rather than a revolutionary change to an existing design process. This presentation outlines how the team adopted the new tools and created a new PV inverter that met their schedule and quality goals. The model design has established a solid foundation for Danfoss Solar Inverters to build on in future product development projects.

Product Focus

  • Simulink
  • Stateflow
  • Embedded Coder

Recorded: 22 May 2014