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gravis - An HMI Design Platform with Simulink Integration

Dr. Sven Semmelrodt, Continental Automotive GmbH
Michael Kreutzer, Continental Automotive GmbH

In the field of automotive visualization electronics, such as instrument clusters or secondary display units, commercial vehicle OEMs are demanding increasingly sophisticated HMI designs with respect to graphics and functionality. In response, Continental Automotive provides gravis (graphic and video system), a development platform to simplify and speed up the design, development, and test of HMIs.

The gravis platform applied with Simulink helps to define the HMI requirements together with the OEM. To support code generation for embedded target hardware, the export interface generates TLC files for each gravis function block. Hence, Embedded Coder can be employed for generating code from the Simulink HMI design.

This session describes the capabilities of grADI (the HMI design tool); the export interface based on function libraries, S-Function, and TLC technology; and the benefits of using gravis incorporated into the MATLAB and Simulink environment.

Product Focus

  • Simulink

Recorded: 17 Apr 2012