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HDL Functional Verification with MATLAB and Simulink

David Lidrbauch, MathWorks

This webinar explores how the EDA Simulator Links allow MATLAB and Simulink technical computing software and your HDL Simulator to work together to create a better debug and verification environment to improve your product quality and shorten your development time.

Through demos and explanations you will learn how this cosimulation capability plugs into your existing design flow. You will see how it automates repetitive verification tasks and improves the analysis of your algorithm implementation by leveraging the MATLAB functions originally developed to define the algorithm.

Using Simulink streamlines the design and verification of an algorithm in the context of the rest of the system, enabling your development team to:

  • Join verification environments for interactive cosimulation and debug
  • Perform subjective analysis
  • Change and mix levels of abstraction
  • Use multiple solvers and data types to integrate multiple languages and include multiple-domain or multiple-discipline models
  • Engage team-oriented verification
  • Accelerate to prototyping hardware (using automatic code generation)

Product Focus

  • HDL Verifier
  • Fixed-Point Designer
  • Simulink

Recorded: 29 Apr 2008