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Implementation of ISO 26262: Adoption, Challenges, and Efficient Application

Mike Staszel, Kugler Maag

The international standard ISO 26262 was created as the core of functional safety guidance in the automotive industry. Since its publication in November 2011, many OEMs and suppliers around the world have adopted it and accumulated many important experiences. This presentation shares our observations on the obstacles and challenges companies typically struggle with as they consider functional safety and adopt ISO 26262. We also share our view on the technical and organizational competencies companies should have in place in order to develop products and systems successfully under the standard, particularly in light of their roles in the supply chain (OEM, tier I, tier II, component and/or tool supplier, etc.). Lastly and most importantly, we look at the impact that development tools have on the successful design and release of automotive systems under the standard.

Product Focus

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Recorded: 13 May 2014