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Inspiring Students to Use MATLAB with the BLOODHOUND SSC

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In this webinar we show how School of Engineering faculty are using this record‐breaking project to help students in the Introduction to MATLAB course:

The BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car, launched by Richard Noble and Andy Green in October 2008, is set to take the land speed record into a whole new level. The team, including researchers from Swansea University at its heart, plans to take a manned vehicle to 1000 mph by 2012, increasing the current land speed record (763 mph) by over 30%. This target presents the team with massive scientific and engineering challenges, not least of which keeping the car on the ground at these speeds. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research team at The School of Engineering at Swansea University has been working on answering such questions, and predicting the overall aerodynamic behavior of such a vehicle.

However, the fundamental objective of this project is to inspire a new generation of British engineers. The project is being used as a vehicle (excuse the pun!) to explain the relevance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in education.

About the Presenter: Dr. Ben Evans of Swansea University began working as a research assistant under the supervision of Professor Oubay Hassan in summer 2007. His postdoctoral research centered on the development of unstructured mesh techniques for high-speed flows with particular application to the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car.

Evans has a bachelor's degree in aerospace and aerothermal engineering from Jesus College, Cambridge, and a Ph.D. in computational fluid dynamics from Swansea University. In his Ph.D. research, he focused on computational solutions to problems in the field of molecular gas dynamics.

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Recorded: 7 Nov 2011