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Introduction to Data Analysis in MATLAB for Life Scientists

Brett Shoelson, MathWorks

Geared towards scientists with little to no programming experience, this webinar will introduce basic concepts such as file input/output, analysis, visualization, and batch-processing. Using an image processing example, we will show you how to go from data to a full application and results.

Highlights include:
• Image input and output
• Function generation and process automation
• Report generation
• GUI building
• Deployment

Presenter: Brett Shoelson

Presenter Bio: Before joining The MathWorks as an application engineer in 2005, Brett spent 13 years focused on process automation with MATLAB, with a strong focus on medical image processing, in the biomedical arena. Brett spent two years doing life sciences research at the National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical School and earned his PhD in biomedical engineering from Tulane University.

Product Focus

  • Image Processing Toolbox

Recorded: 18 Mar 2010