Large Data Sets in MATLAB

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Sarah Wait Zaranek, MathWorks

In this webinar we will describe strategies and techniques for handling large amounts of data in MATLAB, including:

• Understanding your system memory and its constraints
• Minimizing your memory footprint in MATLAB
• Processing data a piece or block at a time
• Accessing memory across multiple systems

Leveraging these strategies and techniques will allow users to work with larger data sets and avoid out of memory errors in MATLAB.

About the Presenter: Sarah Wait Zaranek is part of the technical marketing team at the MathWorks focusing on MATLAB and other technical computing products. Before joining the technical marketing team, Sarah was an Application Engineer for several years at MathWorks focusing mainly on the parallel computing products. She received a PhD in Geology and a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Brown University.

Product Focus

  • Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Recorded: 19 Apr 2012