Learning Basic Mechatronics Concepts Using the Arduino Board and MATLAB

Giampiero Campa, MathWorks

The Arduino is an open source, inexpensive, powerful and flexible microcontroller board that is quickly becoming the preferred choice for a considerable number of electronics and robotics hobbyists worldwide. These qualities make the Arduino very well suited to learn basic Mechatronics concepts, especially within an academic setting.

In this webinar we introduce the ArduinoIO package, which allows the user to perform Analog and Digital Input and Output, as well as to control DC, Servo and Stepper Motors directly from the MATLAB command window.
Using this package instead of (or in addition to) the native development environment allows the student to focus more on solving the Mechatronics problems related to the project or task at hand, versus spending more time in writing, compiling and debugging C programs.

Presenter: Giampiero Campa, PhD

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Recorded: 22 Feb 2010