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Linear System Analysis in Simulink

John Glass, MathWorks

This webinar features techniques for performing trim (equilibrium point) analysis on models built in Simulink. Viewers will see how to use these equilibrium points to linearize aircraft models and to analyze the results for control design. Highlights include analysis on aircraft flying in various flight conditions, using general techniques that can be applied to many nonlinear systems.

This webinar will showcase the Simulink Control Design GUI as well as automation using a command line interface. The third in a series, this webinar is intended for viewers who have used MATLAB or Simulink for control design or for linear analysis. Simulink users interested in the high-level capabilities available for control design in Simulink should view the recorded webinar “Introduction to Simulink for Control Design.”

Product Focus

  • Simulink Control Design
  • Control System Toolbox

Recorded: 16 Dec 2008