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Making Data Analytics for the Mining Industry Simple with MATLAB

David Willingham, MathWorks

Is the analysis and presentation of your data becoming increasingly time consuming, complex and expensive?

Trying to build your customised analytics and graphics within Excel can mean that you compromise on the accuracy of your model, or the amount of data you are able to analyse and present. Trying to overcome these limitations via programming languages such as VBA, Java, or C can involve huge investments of time, and means you have to focus on programming rather than analysis and presentation of results.

Using a mining industry case study showing assay data, we will demonstrate how you can use MATLAB® to:

  • Access datasets from many sources including Excel, text files, databases and devices
  • Easily re-structure and manipulate data
  • Automate analysis and custom visualisation of your data
  • Share results and reports quickly and easily with your colleagues
  • Create, compile and share analytics applications easily through MATLAB “Apps”.

About the presenter:
David Willingham is an application engineer in the MathWorks Australia office.

Product Focus

  • Spreadsheet Link
  • MATLAB Compiler

Recorded: 12 Feb 2013