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Managing Complexity Using Model Based Design in the Context of Application Life-Cycle Management

Manji Suzuki, DENSO Corporation

ISO 26262 demands strict work product management in configuration management, change management, and traceability management for automotive embedded systems, creating concern about drastic manpower and cost increases required to deal with ISO 26262.

At DENSO, we think that "process", "method," and "tools" are important to managing complexity and mitigate risks. Tools have especially become a key way to realize effective and strict management with minimum additional efforts.

DENSO started evaluating open source software and application life-cycle management (ALM) solutions based on Eclipse technology in 2003; however, we finally decided to adopt PTC (former MKS) Integrity as the corporate standard ALM tool not only for ISO 26262 but also for leveraging our capability.

This presentation shows DENSO's use of PTC Integrity for projects using legacy processes and provides experiences with applying it also to Model-Based Design.

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Recorded: 17 Apr 2012