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Mathematical Modelling in MATLAB

Abhaya Parthy, MathWorks

Are you tired of using Microsoft® Excel® as your “turn to” tool for solving technical problems? Do you have spreadsheets calling spreadsheets and Microsoft Visual Basic® macros “hiding” behind walls of numbers? Or are you frustrated by the level of effort required by programming languages such as C and C++ to solve even the most basic of mathematical problems? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join this presentation and see why the MATLAB computing environment is the alternative that you’ve been looking for. In this session, MathWorks engineers showcase different approaches that can be used to develop models. These approaches include building and optimising models using the MATLAB language and built-in functionality, deriving system equations using symbolic computation, and leveraging prebuilt graphical tools for specific modelling tasks such as parametric surface fitting.

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Recorded: 9 Oct 2012