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MATLAB Apps for Teaching Digital Speech Processing

Lawrence Rabiner, Rutgers University

This presentation describes a set of about 60 MATLAB® based speech processing apps designed to give students and instructors hands-on experience with digital speech processing basics, fundamentals, representations, algorithms, and applications. The result is achieved by quickly and interactively creating MATLAB UIs using the GUI Lite tool developed by Dr. Lawrence Rabiner and his students. For each MATLAB app, we provide a brief description of the code and UI structure, an explanation of key technical aspects of the solution, a description of the organization of the GUI Lite components, a scripted run of the software with an extensive set of speech files for processing, one or more results figures generated by the provided code, and a set of technical issues for further experimentation with the code. The goal with these apps is to provide a useful and unique set of speech processing tools for the instructor and an extended set of speech processing exercises, denoted as “Issues for Further Experimentation,” that students can use to develop their understanding of the technical content of each speech processing app. This presentation describes the resulting set of speech processing apps and shows how they can be used to enhance the teaching and learning of digital speech processing.

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Recorded: 26 Mar 2014