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MATLAB for R Users in Computational Finance

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Ameya Deoras, MathWorks

Learn how MATLAB can be used with R for data analysis, algorithm development, and rapid application development.

When using R, it can be a challenge to understand and interactively explore your data, speed up computation, or know if your algorithm works correctly. In this webinar, we will show you how to speed up your development and computation process by exchanging data with R and invoking R functionality from within MATLAB. We will also demonstrate how MATLAB can help you use software created in languages like Java, .NET, or C++ and connect to data sources like Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Factset.

You will learn how to:

  • Interactively import, explore and analyze data with apps and dynamic charts
  • Connect to industry-standard data providers like Bloomberg & Thomson Reuters
  • Rapidly build and prototype algorithms
  • Exchange data between MATLAB and R, and invoke R functions
  • Scale your algorithms via parallelization and GPU computing with minimal code
  • Automatically generate reports to document your analysis and algorithms
  • Share your code as standalone executable apps and libraries
  • Deploy your code for production use

Previous knowledge of MATLAB is not required for this webinar.

Product Focus

  • Financial Toolbox

Recorded: 27 Jun 2013