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MATLAB to C Code Generation with Embedded MATLAB

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Houman Zarrinkoub, MathWorks

In this webinar we will showcase new capabilities of MathWorks products enabling you to automatically generate C code from MATLAB functions. This capability is available for a subset of MATLAB language called the Embedded MATLAB. This subset consists of over 300 MATLAB operators and functions and more than 110 Fixed-Point Toolbox and 40 Signal Processing Toolbox functions and new system objects from Signal Processing and Video and Image Processing Blocksets.

Algorithms that use Embedded MATLAB operators, functions and system objects can be compiled into efficient, numerically reliable C code for embedded applications.

Through demonstrations, you will learn how to use specific features of Fixed-Point Toolbox, Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, and related products to:

• Develop and validate MATLAB algorithms compliant with the Embedded MATLAB subset
• Automatically generate C code from your compliant floating-point and/or fixed-point designs in MATLAB and Simulink
• Handle typical design patterns like use of variable-size data & fixed-point data

Product Focus

  • Fixed-Point Designer
  • MATLAB Coder
  • Embedded Coder
  • Simulink

Recorded: 11 Mar 2010