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Mixed-Signal Systems: ADC and DAC Design

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In this webinar we demonstrate how engineers are using MathWorks tools to design and verify ADCs and DACs. To efficiently design these devices, engineers need an environment that handles feedback naturally, that combines analog and digital design, and that has abstractions for rapid design iterations. Viewers of this webinar will see how these needs are met in practice, and will learn how they can adopt these design methods to make their design process faster and more thorough. 

This webinar provides a number of examples of ADC and DAC design, demonstrating the use of MathWorks tools in practice. It also provides examples of successful use of the tools in industry.

This is the first webinar in a four-part series on mixed-signal design. Register to view the other three webinars here:

PLL Design  Part 2

Linking Tools Through Cosimulation  Part 3

Design and Verification  Part 4

About the Presenter: Mike Woodward is the communications and semiconductor marketing manager for the MathWorks. He started his career researching the microwave properties of GaAs HEMTs, before moving onto baseband processing work for UMTS and HSDPA. His work has been published in IEEE Journals and many trade publications.

Product Focus

  • Simulink
  • SimPowerSystems

Recorded: 27 Apr 2010