Model-Based Design of a SUV Anti-Rollover Control System

Thomas D. Gillespie, Mechanical Simulation Corporation
Vinod Cherian, MathWorks

This webinar presents a methodology to apply Model-Based Design to develop and automatically optimize vehicle stability control systems. Engineers from Mechanical Simulation Corporation and The MathWorks will demonstrate how this methodology will help you to:
• Accelerate the development process for embedded systems
• Quickly create and change vehicle models
• Test large complicated systems before building expensive prototypes
• Select control parameters in an efficient and repeatable manner
Through an example of a SUV anti-rollover control system, you will see how tools from The MathWorks and Mechanical Simulation Corporation are used for:
• Modeling and simulating vehicle dynamics
• Designing anti-rollover control system
• Automatically tuning controller gains to meet design requirements
• Verifying and visualizing control system performance

View examples from this webinar here.

Product Focus

  • Simulink Design Optimization
  • Simulink

Recorded: 8 Apr 2009