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Modeling Engineering Systems Using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox

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Dan Doherty, MathWorks
Asawari Samant, MathWorks

When modeling engineering systems, it can be difficult to identify the key parameters driving system behavior because they are often buried deep within the model. Analytical models can often help because they describe systems using mathematical equations, showing exactly how different parameters affect system behavior. Analytical models can offer important insights into your system that are often difficult to gain with purely numeric modeling approaches – for example, an analytical model of a mechanical system might reveal conditions that produce resonance frequencies or a critically damped system response.

In this webinar we'll highlight how MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox can be used to derive analytical models of your systems. It will highlight the Symbolic Math Toolbox notebook interface for managing and documenting model derivation, and show how symbolic results computed in the notebook can be integrated with MATLAB.

Click here to access an article titled “Analytical Modeling of Aircraft Wing Loads Using MATLAB and Symbolic Math Toolbox” which includes a detailed description of the demo and a download link to access scripts and models from this webinar. 

Presenters:  Dan Doherty & Asawari Samant

Product Focus

  • Symbolic Math Toolbox

Recorded: 6 Sep 2011