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Modelling and Simulation of an Electrohydraulic Actuation System for a Variable Nozzle Turbine Turbocharger

Muralidhar Manavalan, Honeywell

This presentation describes Honeywell’s work developing a system simulation model of an electrohydraulic actuator for a variable nozzle turbine (VNT) turbocharger. This actuator provides force to the linkage that moves several airfoil-shaped vanes, thereby manipulating the amount of engine exhaust going into the turbocharger. Different subsystems of the electrohydraulic actuator, such as oil control valve, hydraulic cylinder, rack and pinion assembly, and vane position sensor, were modelled using Simscape™ libraries and MATLAB® and Simulink®. The simulation model was also validated using test data from the laboratory. The model predicts the transient response of the electrohydraulic actuator, which in turn affects vehicle performance. The model is used for design optimisation by the product team, for OEM control algorithm development, and for system stability analysis.

Product Focus

  • Simulink

Recorded: 8 Aug 2012