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Programming with MATLAB

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Jiro Doke, MathWorks

MATLAB is a high-level language that includes mathematical functions for solving engineering and scientific problems. You can produce immediate results by interactively executing commands one at a time. However, MATLAB also provides features of traditional programming languages, including flow control, error handling, and object-oriented programming (OOP). Attend this webinar to learn more about programming capabilities in MATLAB and to learn how to be more productive working with MATLAB

Highlights include:

  • Exploring the fundamentals of the language
  • Writing programs to automate your workflow
  • Developing robust, maintainable functions
  • Leveraging tools for efficient program development

View Example Code from the webinar here:

About the Presenter: Jiro Doke, Ph.D joined MathWorks in May 2006 as an application engineer. He received his B.S. from Georgia Institute of Technology and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, both in Mechanical Engineering. His Ph.D. research was in biomechanics of human movement, specifically in human gait. His experience in MATLAB comes from extensive use in graduate school, using the tool for data acquisition, analysis, and visualization. At MathWorks, Jiro focuses on core MATLAB, math/statistics/optimization tools, and parallel computing tools.

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Recorded: 11 Feb 2014