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Rapid Deployment of MATLAB and Simulink Designs on Xilinx FPGAs

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Noam Levine, MathWorks
Luc Langlois, Avnet

In this webinar learn how MATLAB, Simulink, and HDL Coder can be used in conjunction with the Xilinx ISE Tool Suite to rapidly deploy designs on Xilinx FPGAs for stand-alone operation.

A QPSK receiver model is used as an example, targeting the Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Development Kit from Avnet. You can download example files for the Kintex-7 DSP Development Kit with MathWorks DSP Design Package.

To learn how to rapidly deploy your MATLAB, Simulink, and System Generator design to a Xilinx FPGA for stand alone operation, view this webinar.

Noam Levine, Partner Manager, FPGAs and Embedded Processors, MathWorks
Luc Langlois, Director of Technical Marketing, DSP, Avnet Electronics

Product Focus

  • HDL Coder

Recorded: 21 May 2013