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Rapid Design and Implementation of FPGA-Based Digital Down Converter Using MATLAB and Simulink

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Jason Bryan, MathWorks

In this webinar, we will use a radar system design example to demonstrate how MATLAB and Simulink can be used to produce high-performance HDL implementations in Altera® FPGAs and HardCopy® ASICs.

Using this design process, engineers can:

  • Model and simulate systems and algorithms in Simulink and explore “what-if” scenarios
  • Optimize fixed-point designs and see the effect on system metrics
  • Generate highly optimized HDL using Simulink and Altera’s DSP Builder Advanced Blockset and optimized intellectual property (IP) cores
  • Specify constraints to design to clock-rate requirements
  • Close timing on large designs at 350+ MHz clock rates
  • Support multi-channel, polyphase, high-performance DSP data paths and efficiently implement FIR and FFT functions

Who should attend:

  • Engineers working with, or considering the use of FPGAs for system implementation for radar, EW/ECM, guidance, and sensor-based applications
  • Algorithm developers, system designers, and architects
  • Embedded software and hardware engineers
  • Engineering management

Product Focus

  • Fixed-Point Designer
  • Simulink
  • DSP System Toolbox
  • HDL Verifier

Recorded: 15 Sep 2009