Red Cloud: On-Demand Research Computing

David A. Lifka, Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing

The Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing recently launched Red Cloud, an on-demand research computing service, for Cornell University researchers, their collaborators, and researchers at other academic institutions available by subscription. Red Cloud services are also available to industry through the center's corporate program. Red Cloud offers two services. The basic offering, Red Cloud, is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that runs Eucalyptus, the open source cloud computing platform. Subscribers have root access to virtual servers and virtual disks. The second offering, Red Cloud with MATLAB, is a software as a service (SaaS) that runs MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™ and features NVIDIA GPUs. Subscribers program applications on their desktops using their licensed copy of Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and then scale up to Red Cloud with MATLAB using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server. In this session, we will describe this flexible computing and data analysis resource and how it provides economies of scale that can benefit your research.

Product Focus

  • MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Recorded: 28 Mar 2012