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Simulink - A Flexible Modelling Environment to Simulate Real World Systems

Daryl Ning, MathWorks

Models of real world systems and operations can be used to understand and improve existing processes in a safe simulation environment.  Due to the complex nature of these systems, however, the modelling environment must be flexible enough to capture the wide range of behaviours that may be encountered.  Simulink® is the perfect solution for modelling these complex systems.  

Simulink models of time driven and/or discrete event driven systems are constructed using a graphical block based development environment.  Libraries of high-level, predefined blocks are available to assist in building your model.  The underlying Simulink engine includes various ODE solvers and an event calendar which allows the user to focus on modelling the system of interest, rather than the underlying simulation framework needed to solve it.

Product demonstrations will show how Simulink can be used to build several simple models for time driven and event driven systems.  

About the presenter: Daryl Ning is senior application engineer for the signal processing and communications industry at MathWorks Australia. He joined MathWorks Australia 2006. Daryl received both his Ph.D. and B.Eng. (electrical engineering) from the Queensland University of Technology, where he also worked as a research assistant in speech and audio processing for biometrics and compression.

Product Focus

  • Simulink
  • Stateflow
  • SimEvents

Recorded: 17 May 2013