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Teaching Math and Physics with Symbolic Math Toolbox

Dan Doherty, MathWorks

In this webinar learn how symbolic computation can be used to teach concepts and solve problems in Math and Physics courses.

Topics include:

  • Using symbolic computation for common tasks such as solving, simplifying, and plotting equations, and performing other calculations such as derivatives, integrals, limits, and inverses
  • Creating interactive animations to demonstrate concepts during class
  • Developing curriculum materials and homework assignments using the MuPAD notebook interface

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View MATLAB code from this webinar at MATLAB Central.

About the Presenter: Dan Doherty works as a product manager at MathWorks, focusing on core math and data analysis products including Symbolic Math Toolbox. He has been with MathWorks for over 6 years, in a variety of roles including product marketing specialist and product manager.

Product Focus

  • Symbolic Math Toolbox

Recorded: 7 Dec 2010