The Impact of MATLAB, Database Toolbox, and MATLAB Deployment Products in Ruukki Metals' Steelworks to Achieve Better Performance in Processes and Products

Mika Judin, Ruukki Metals

Ruukki specializes in steel and steel construction. This presentation outlines how engineers at Ruukki use MATLAB Builder NE, Database Toolbox, and MATLAB Compiler to design early warning systems that detect possible risks that can cause quality issues later in the manufacturing process and develop applications to make data available to engineers who do not use MATLAB®.

The presentation discusses how, through the use of self-organizing maps and neural networks, engineers classify the final products and use this data to make setup calculation models. It outlines how this data from many different types of databases can now be merged automatically, and presents the way in which MATLAB Compiler helps engineers share algorithms across many different functions to confirm the products meet quality requirements.

Product Focus

  • Database Toolbox
  • MATLAB Compiler

Recorded: 22 May 2014