Accelerating the pace of engineering and science

Using MATLAB and Simulink for Verification and Validation in Government Organizations

Mike Fisher, MathWorks
Becky Petteys, MathWorks

The increasing complexity of electronics and software and the pressure to deliver more functionality in less time are driving the need to improve existing engineering processes.

Through Model-Based Design, embedded control system design teams can begin evaluating software designs without using prototype products and real-time targets. The model becomes a specification from which you can generate real-time software for testing, prototyping, and embedded implementation.

Model-Based Design can also be used as a platform for early verification and validation, allowing the systems and software development teams to shift some of the tedious, time- and resource-consuming tasks to a much earlier stage in the process. This reduces the number of design and implementation problems detected later in the process, when they are significantly more expensive to fix.

Methods discussed in the webinar include:

  • Early requirements validation
  • Implementation and enforcement of modeling standards
  • Automation of component design and code verification
  • Data reuse for more efficient integration testing and validation

Product Focus:

  • Requirements linking and traceability with Simulink® Verification and Validation™
  • Verification of compliance with modeling standards using the Simulink® Model Advisor tool and Simulink Verification and Validation
  • Test generation with Simulink® Design Verifier™
  • Test execution in SystemTest™


Continuous verification and validation allows development teams to establish quality control milestones early in the development process. Detection of design and code errors in the design and development environment allows for quick and efficient mitigation of errors, preventing their propagation to the later development stages. This in turn makes testing and validation more efficient and reduces the cost of tedious root cause analysis on hardware.

Product Focus

  • Simulink Verification and Validation

Recorded: 26 Jun 2008