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Using MATLAB with PI System for Analysis and Process Monitoring

Graham Dudgeon, MathWorks

Do you store process or plant information in the OSIsoft PI System? Would you like to perform more advanced analytics on your historical and real time enterprise data? In this webinar, learn how to apply the convenience of advanced analysis in MATLAB to analyze your historical data, prototype mathematical algorithms, and integrate these analytical results back into the PI System.  Through an example case study of a wind farm monitoring application using a neural network to detect early system failures, we show you how to:

  • Access PI System data directly into MATLAB
  • Perform post-processing, statistical and visual analysis of  historical data
  • Develop a monitoring algorithm to compare actual and expected power output
  • Use the algorithm to detect abnormal system behavior
  • Return the algorithmic results back to the PI System  for real-time analytics

About the presenters

  •  Graham Dudgeon is the Energy Production Industry Manager at MathWorks.
  •  Chuck Wells is Senior Platform Architect at OSIsoft.

Product Focus

  • OPC Toolbox
  • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
  • Neural Network Toolbox
  • Parallel Computing Toolbox

Recorded: 16 Nov 2011