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Managing Model-Based Design

Managing Model-Based Design

Over the past ten years, engineering organizations seeking to manage product complexity, while also staying innovative and competitive, have increasingly turned to Model-Based Design. In Managing Model-Based Design, Roger Aarenstrup draws on years of experience, helping engineering teams and organizations adopt design techniques. Using practical case studies from the automotive, aerospace, and communications industries, the book explains how model-based design works. The author illustrates how, by moving design tasks from the lab and field to the desktop, model-based design is transforming the way engineers and scientists work and can dramatically improve overall design and development efficiency.

This book provides arguments and background information that engineers can use to demonstrate the value of model-based design to key decision-makers in their organization. It also serves as a guide for managers, showcasing how model-based design can be used to help teams adapt to change, manage complexity, and foster innovation.

Download a free PDF version of the book from the MathWorks website.

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The MathWorks, Inc, 2015

ISBN: 9781512036138
Language: English

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