MATLAB courseware consists of downloadable sets of curriculum materials for educators based on MATLAB and Simulink. These materials help you develop and enhance curriculum, facilitate lectures and classroom examples, and inspire student learning.

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First-Year Courseware

Discovery-Based Learning Professor Steve McKnight
Professor Gilead Tadmor

Northeastern University

Engineering Models I Professor Kathleen Ossman
Professor Gregory Bucks

University of Cincinnati

Engineering Models II Professor Kathleen Ossman
Professor Gregory Bucks

University of Cincinnati

Engineering Problem Solving Professor Stanley Hsu
Professor Rajeevan Amirtharajah
Professor Andre Knoesen
University of California, Davis

Introduction to Engineering Analysis Professor Ivan V. Bajic
Professor Fabio Campi
et al.
Simon Fraser University

Introduction to MATLAB Professor William J. Palm, III
University of Rhode Island

Second-Year Courseware

Applied Numerical Methods with MATLAB Professor Steven C. Chapra
Tufts University

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Professor Gilbert Strang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cleve Moler

Electromechanical Engineering Systems Professor Kevin Craig
Marquette University

Heat Transfer with MATLAB Professor Tien-Mo Shih
Xiamen University

Model-Based Design Series: Basic Component Modeling By Professor Doug Nelson
David Ord
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Model-Based Design Series: Battery Systems Donald Docimo
Mohammad Ghanaatpishe
Professor Hosam Fathy
Pennsylvania State University

Model-Based Design Series: Supervisory Control & Fault Diagnosis Professor Shawn Midlam-Mohler
Eric Gallo

The Ohio State University

Third-Year Courseware

Aeronautical Systems-Guidance and Control Professor Franco Bernelli
Politecnico di Milano

Applied Autonomous Robots I Professor M. Ani Hsieh
Drexel University

Applied Autonomous Robots II Professor M. Ani Hsieh
Drexel University

Bioengineering Mass Transport and Systems Professor Alyssa Taylor
University of Washington

Control of Mobile Robots Professor Magnus Egerstedt
J.P. de la Croix

Georgia Institute of Technology

Control Tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink Professor Bill Messner
Professor Dawn Tilbury
Professor Rick Hill

Instrumentation, Measurement and Control in Biological Systems Professor Kumar Mallikarjunan
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Introduction to Model-Based System Design Professor Marc Herniter
Professor Zachariah Chambers
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Numerical Computing with MATLAB Cleve Moler

Quantitative Human Systems Physiology Professor Bradley Sutton
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

System Dynamics with Simscape Professor William J. Palm, III
University of Rhode Island

Teaching System Dynamics with Arduino, MATLAB, and Simulink Professor Robert Webster
Vanderbilt University
Professor Jenna Gorlewicz
Southern Illinois University

Fourth-Year Courseware

Advanced Model-Based System Design Professor Zachariah Chambers
Professor Marc Herniter
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Digital Speech Processing Professor Lawrence Rabiner
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Embedded Control and Mechatronics Professor Farzad Pourboghrat
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Modeling, Design, and Control of Robotic Mechanisms Professor Han Sung Kim
Kyungnam University

Optimization Models and Applications Professor Laurent El Ghaoui
University of California, Berkeley

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