Webinars of Teaching Examples

Webinars led by MathWorks engineers and university professors show how you can incorporate MATLAB and Simulink into your coursework, projects, and research.

Featured Webinars

Raspberry Pi Programming using Simulink (23:19)

Project-based learning is an effective way to engage students in learning engineering concepts related to control systems, robotics, audio processing, computer vision applications, and more.

Presenter: Brian McKay, MathWorks

Teaching Physics with MATLAB (39:28)

Learn how you and your students can benefit from incorporating computation based on MATLAB in your physics curriculum. Webinar highlights include examples that demonstrate first-person modeling, modeling paradigms, and black box modeling.

Presenter: Jerry Brusher, MathWorks

Teaching Controls Using Web-Based Tutorials (45:55)

Professor Richard Hill explains how you can use redesigned Controls Tutorials for MATLAB and Simulink to invert the classroom and create a more active learning environment.

Presenter: Dr. Richard Hill, University of Detroit Mercy

Teaching with MATLAB in the Modern Classroom (15:48)

To meet the growing demand for graduates with technical and problem-solving skills, MathWorks has developed several cloud-based tools for anytime, anywhere access to course content. Learn how these tools support your course development and workflow.

Presenter: Elvira Osuna-Highley, MathWorks

Programming Control Logic with Stateflow and LEGO (20:18)

After an initial introduction to state machines, we will build logic to control the various modes of operation of a robot. Through an example, you will see an easy way to create, simulate and animate mode logic for robot control using Stateflow.

Presenter: Siddharth Sharma, MathWorks

Hands-on Learning with MATLAB and Analog Discovery (35:00)

Associate Professor Kathleen Meehan of Virginia Tech demonstrates how professors and course instructors can use MATLAB and Digilent Analog Discovery hardware to teach hands-on laboratory experiments in the area of circuit analysis.

Presenters: Robin Getz, Analog Devices; Kathleen Meehan, Virginia Tech; Eric Wetjen, MathWorks

Integrated Curricula with MATLAB and Simulink (1:06)

Integrated Curricula with MATLAB and Simulink is a video series that presents best practices on incorporating technical computing, modeling, and simulation with MATLAB® and Simulink® in engineering curricula. Throughout the series, academics from world-renowned universities demonstrate their didactical approach and discuss its impact on student learning success.

Presenter: Liam Madden, Imperial College London