The UK STEM Skills Gap: Report and Analysis

This informative and instructional paper discusses possible approaches to closing the UK skills gap in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

This report presents results from a study in October 2013 by MathWorks and YouGov, which surveyed UK employers of STEM graduates and 24 of the country’s leading Russell Group academics. The study found that 59% of businesses and 79% of universities surveyed believe there aren’t enough skilled candidates leaving education to meet industry’s employment requirements.

This paper expands on that research through primary interviews with academics and employers. It analyses the results of the study and presents ways that industry and academia can collaborate to address this issue.

“This report tells us two important things: first, that more needs to be done to encourage students to study STEM subjects beyond compulsory education. Second, that STEM curricula need to better prepare students for their future careers in industry in terms of employability skills, such as critical thinking and teamwork, and technical knowledge of their discipline.”

Dr. Coorous Mohtadi, MathWorks

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