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Tuesday, 17 April

Time Session
09:00 Registration and Exhibition
10:00 Introduction and Welcome
Guido Sandmann, MathWorks
10:15 Keynote: Model-Based Design and AUTOSAR: Overkill or Silver Bullet for Managing Complexity?
Dr. Andreas Titze, Volkswagen
10:45 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization with MATLAB in a Time-Constrained Development Process
Hessel van Dijk and Dr. Michel Paas, Ford Motor Company, and Nadja Wirth, TECOSIM GmbH
11:15 AMG Automation Tool for Engine Calibration
Hasan Uzun, Nataša Kieft, Christian Manz, and Steffen Waldmann, Mercedes-AMG
11:45 MathWorks Primer: Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Simulink
Dr. Frank Graeber, MathWorks
12:00 Data Processing Framework Supporting Large-Scale Driving Data Analysis
Clément Val, CEESAR, and Jörg Küfen, RWTH Aachen, Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge
12:30 Lunch and Exhibition
14:00 AUTOSAR-Compliant Development of a Drive Select Function with Model-Based Design
Axel Grobe and Abdulvahap User, IAV GmbH, and Matthias Faustmann, Volkswagen AG
14:30 MathWorks Primer: AUTOSAR for Production Projects
Arvind Jayaraman, MathWorks
14:45 gravis – An HMI Design Platform with Simulink Integration
Dr. Sven Semmelrodt and Michael Kreutzer, Continental Automotive GmbH
15:15 MathWorks Primer: Videos, Images, Signals? Stream Processing in MATLAB with System Objects
Dr. Frank Graeber, MathWorks
15:30 Application of MathWorks Tools for Bosch eBike System Development
Daniel Baumgärtner and Dr. Gregor Dasbach, Robert Bosch GmbH
16:00 Break and Exhibition
16:30 MathWorks Primer: Physical Modeling Introduction
Steve Miller, MathWorks
16:45 Unique Design for Position Feedback Setup in a PMSM for a Hybrid Driveline
Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Carts GmbH
17:15 Refactoring of Simulink Models
Quang Minh Tran and Dr. Ingo Kreuz, Daimler AG
17:45 Break and Exhibition
18:00 Optional Technical Session: Embedded Software Verification with Polyspace Products for IEC 61508 and ISO 26262
Patrick Munier and Stefan David, MathWorks
19:00 Break and Exhibition
19:30 Dinner Reception


Wednesday, 18 April

Time Session
09:00 Recap of Day 1, Housekeeping, and Introduction to Day 2
09:15 Managing Complexity Using Model-Based Design in the Context of Application Life-Cycle Management
09:45 Efficient Validation and Verification of SDA Models via On-Target Bypass with ETAS EHOOKS
Thomas Burger, Ralf Müller, and Marco Kunze, Continental Automotive GmbH, and Nigel Tracey and Mark Rutter, ETAS GmbH
10:15 MathWorks Primer: Advances in Applied Control Design
Hans Dürr, MathWorks
10:30 Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems: A Case History of In-House-Developed Strategies, from Concept to Ferrari GT Applications
Stefano Varisco, Ferrari
11:00 Break and Exhibition
11:30 Freedom from Run-Time Errors for AUTOSAR-Based ECU Software
Alexander Much and Thomas M. Galla, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH
12:00 MathWorks Primer: Traceability to Requirements Docs Made Easy
Dr. Marc Segelken, MathWorks
12:15 Customizing Modeling Guideline Checks Within a Continuous Integration Framework for Automotive Model-Based Control Software Development
Dr.-Ing. Axel Schloßer and Dr.-Ing. Philipp Orth, FEV GmbH, and Johannes Richenhagen, RWTH Aachen, Institute for Combustion Engines
12:45 Lunch and Exhibition
14:15 Design of a Functional Size Measurement Tool for Real-Time Embedded Software Requirements Expressed Using a Simulink Model
Jori Le-Bihan and Boubker Bouzid, Renault
14:45 MathWorks Primer: Simulink for Work Groups Using Simulink Projects
Dr. Joachim Schlosser, MathWorks
15:00 Model-Based Development as a Key Element for Continuous Deployment Within Electric Propulsion Systems
Dr. Jonn Lantz, Volvo Cars Corp.
15:30 Verification and Validation of Embedded Software Systems at DAF Trucks
Raymond Tinsel, DAF Trucks NV, and Co Melissant, MonkeyProof Solutions BV
16:00 MathWorks Primer: ISO 26262 and Model-Based Design - A Done Deal?
Mirko Conrad, MathWorks
16:15 Development of the Variable Valve Control for the Lamborghini Aventador
Christian Corvino, Automobili Lamborghini SpA
16:45 End