MATLAB Computational Finance Virtual Conference


Model IT Ltd., developer of the mSII insurance solution, provides services to the financial sector. They strive to lead the innovation and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced solutions. Their staff holds extensive practical work experience and advanced theoretical skills, helping them to deliver quality service to their customers.

Numerix is the global leader in cross-asset analytics for OTC derivatives, structured products, and variable annuities. They provide software and services for structuring, pretrade pricing, trade capture, valuation, and risk management. Numerix offers a comprehensive model library and a transparent deal-definition architecture that allows rapid modeling of any instrument, including commodity, credit, equity, fixed income, foreign exchange, and inflation derivatives, plus a unique hybrid model framework for exotics and structured products. Numerix analytics are available through Microsoft® Windows® applications, Excel add-ins, developer kits, and a wide range of partner systems, with over 700 clients and 80 partners across more than 25 countries.

The OpenGamma Platform is a real-time market risk analytics solution for the financial services industry. It contains tools for pretrade and what-if calculations, stress testing and scenario analysis, and risk aggregation across asset classes, strategies, and portfolios. Provided under an open-source license, the platform brings a new standard of transparency to the industry and enables users to gain more insight into their overall exposures and respond faster to changing market conditions.

SecondFloor’s solutions orchestrate risk and finance processes, roles, and existing technology to create timely, auditable, and repeatable decision intelligence based on verified data. SecondFloor helps highly regulated organizations efficiently provision analytic processes, generate trustworthy reports, and take management decisions with confidence. Quantitative solutions from SecondFloor provide standard quantitative risk calculation models building for pricing, hedging, risk management, and regulatory reporting.