MATLAB Virtual Conference 2014


Embracing Technical Computing Trends with MATLAB: Accelerating the Pace of Engineering and Science

Roy Lurie, MathWorks

In this session, Roy presents his perspectives on key technologies and trends that are creating both challenges and opportunities in technical computing. He discusses the diversity of computational platforms, the rise of data analytics, and the need for engineers and scientists to produce robust software. For each area, he identifies how developments in MATLAB® enable engineers and scientists to embrace these technologies and stay ahead of their peers.

About the Speaker

Roy Lurie

Roy is head of MATLAB development at MathWorks, responsible for the ongoing development and evolution of the MATLAB product family. These products include capabilities for parallel and GPU computing, application deployment, image processing, control systems, test and measurement, and computational finance and biology. He joined MathWorks in 1994 and has been a MATLAB user since 1989. As a young entrepreneur, he founded MathWorks South African distributorship. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.