MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Fleet Analytics: Data Processing and AI


Automotive fleet data can provide valuable insights into driver behavior, enable predictive maintenance and provide a range of real-world scenarios to aid your design processes. Having discussed how to clean and standardize our data in the previous webinar, this session focusses on the tools available in MATLAB to help extract value from the data.

Working with the Vehicle Energy Dataset, we will show:

  • Preprocessing and filtering fleet data
  • Detecting events and calculating metrics from time series
  • Training and testing a machine learning model
  • Deploying a model to the cloud to run automatically against new data

About the Presenter

Amélie Lamarquette is an Application Engineer at MathWorks UK. Since joining MathWorks in 2022, Amélie specializes in helping automotive customers with cloud technology, DevOps, data analysis and AI. She holds an Engineering Degree from ISAE-ENSICA and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Her research investigated the blood flow and blood vessel oscillations in brain aneurysms.

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