Deep Learning Cloud Workflows with MATLAB


See how engineers and scientists who work on AI projects know when to move some or all of their development to the cloud and which cloud platform to choose.

You’ll also learn about MATLAB® cloud options and the advantages they offer across the development stages of a system based on AI.

Through a case study of training, tuning, and deploying a semantic segmentation model, you’ll hear about the following topics:

  • Managing data efficiently
  • Provisioning MATLAB on AWS®—ready-made for deep learning with NVIDIA® GPUs
  • Scaling to GPU cloud compute clusters
  • Deploying models for unlimited accessibility

You’ll also learn about the following capabilities:

  • Running MATLAB Deep Learning Container on NVIDIA Compute Cloud (NGC)
  • Using MATLAB Parallel Server on AWS for multi-GPU computing
  • Deploying the MATLAB Production Server pay as you go (PAYG) environment on Azure®

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