Design and Control of Robot Manipulators for Student Projects


Join MathWorks in this webinar introducing the use of MATLAB and Simulink for Robotic Manipulation for student projects. The topics covered include the creation of simulations for common robots, implementation of robot controllers with forward and inverse kinematics, collision avoidance, fault detection, task scheduling and algorithm deployment to ROS enabled systems.


  • Robot design and simulation
  • Interactive Inverse Kinematics
  • Collision Checking, Fault Detection and Safe Trajectory Planning
  • Pick and Place Applications
  • Algorithm Deployment using ROS

Who Should Attend

  • Students working on robotics projects or competitions
  • Team leaders/faculty advisors supporting student teams
  • Robot designers interested in simulation and product optimization
  • Robot programmers and robotics students interested in control of robot manipulators
  • MATLAB and Simulink users working with robot manipulators


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