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Developing Real-Time Medical Image AI Analytics with NVIDIA Holoscan


Medical imaging manufacturers need to evolve their products fast enough to stay competitive.  MATLAB provides tools and algorithms for end-to-end medical image formation, analysis, and AI workflows – I/O, 3D visualization, segmentation, labeling and analysis of medical image data.  NVIDIA Holoscan is the sensor processing platform that streamlines the development and deployment of AI and high-performance computing (HPC) applications for real-time insights.  Together, these solutions help manufacturers accelerate time-to-market while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Join this webinar to see the complete workflow of developing, validating, and deploying medical imaging algorithms on live-streaming medical imaging data (radiology, endoscopy, surgical robotics, etc.).


Join us to see these capabilities in action:

  • Develop medial image formation, reconstruction, and analysis algorithms in MATLAB
  • Automatic conversion of all MATLAB algorithms into CUDA
  • Optimize the generated CUDA code with performance analysis tools
  • Generate NVIDIA Holoscan SDK operators directly from MATLAB
  • Integrate MATLAB Operator in Holoscan pipeline with real-time streaming I/O data

About the Presenters

Marc Edgar
Sr. Alliance Manager for Medical Devices, NVIDIA Healthcare

Marc Edgar is the Senior Alliance Manager for medical devices at NVIDIA.  He works with healthcare and medical device developers to create next-generation solutions using AI, deep learning, large language models (LLMs), and advanced visualization.  He has developed and commercialized numerous AI/ML algorithms and holds 16 patents in the healthcare and industrial domains.

Mikael Brudfors
Sr. Solutions Architect, NVIDIA Healthcare

Mikael Brudfors is a senior solution architect at NVIDIA focusing on medical devices and AI in healthcare. Prior to his role at NVIDIA, he worked in both industry and academia. He received his PhD at UCL on the topic of generative models for pre-processing of hospital brain scans.

Developing Real-Time Medical Image AI Analytics with NVIDIA Holoscan

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