Design and Implement DSP Algorithms on RFSoC


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Signal processing is essential for a wide range of applications, from data science to real-time embedded systems. Some of the challenges in developing real-time signal processing systems are:

  • The acquisition and processing of raw data from sensors to derive meaningful information
  • Designing algorithms for real-time processing
  • Deploying these algorithms on System-on-Chip platforms like RFSoC

MATLAB® and Simulink® provide a platform for exploring and analyzing time-series data and a unified workflow for the development of embedded DSP software and hardware by providing a complete workflow for fixed-point design including C and HDL code generation.


  • Challenges (RF)SoC Design Processes
  • Fixed-point optimization workflows
  • Design and implementation of efficient high-througput digital filters
  • HW/SW Architecture for the RFSoC platform

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