Get Started with Deep Learning in MATLAB


Ever wondered what Deep Learning and AI are all about?

Mark your calendars and join us on Wednesday 1st July. Learn how to get started with Deep Learning in MATLAB.

After a brief introduction to practical applications and theoretical concepts you will learn how to create and import neural networks in MATLAB. Using practical example workflows, you will learn how to apply Deep Learning models to your classification or regression problems.


  • Learn current applications of Deep Learning
  • Learn the fundamentals of Deep Learning for regression and classification problems
  • Get familiar with the Deep Learning workflow in MATLAB
  • Discover Deep Learning Apps in MATLAB

Who Should Attend

This webinar is aimed at Professors, PhD students and Post-Docs who are interested in Deep Learning.

About the Presenter

Dr. Julia Hoerner is the EMEA Deep Learning Academic Liaison Manager at MathWorks in Cambridge/UK. She supports academics at universities across Europe. She helps them implementing Deep Learning into the curriculum and provides general support in projects and research related to AI and in particularly, Deep Learning.

Julia holds a PhD degree in renewable energy and worked as a researcher at multiple universities in the UK on applying AI to energy forecasts.

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